Mult. & Div. Facts

Teacher Instruction Manual:  Multiplication and Division – Basic Facts to Advanced Computations

  • The 175-page manual includes 28 pages of information and instructions for the teacher; 146 pages of practice pages, flash cards, pictures, fun activities for the students, and answers; and 1 page for record keeping.

Table of Contents

  • What is My Rainbow Math?
  • Multiplication
  • How to Time
  • Multiplication Timing Strips
  • Student Progress Chart
  • Ways to Practice Multiplication
  • Multiplication Flash Cards
  • 2-Digit Multiplication Per Multiplication Table
  • Multi-Digit Multiplication Per Multiplication Table
  • 3-Digit Multiplication Per Multiplication Table
  • Generic Multiplication
  • Multiplying Three 1-Digit Numbers
  • Multiplying 2- and 3-Digit Numbers by 2-Digits
  • Division
  • Division Facts – Dividing by 2-9
  • Division Strips
  • Simple Division – Dividing by 2-9 with Remainders
  • 1-Digit Long Division
  • Division by Multiples of 10 in Sequence
  • Division by Divisors 11-99 in Sequence
  • Pictures
  • Answers for Multiplication and Division


Flash CardsBasic Multiplication Facts 2-9

  • One complete set of color-coded flash cards includes all possible multiplication facts for tables 2-9 for a total of 240 different flash cards.  The set of flash cards for each table is in a different color for ease of sorting and combining as needed.

  • Examples:  2 x 3 = ___     2 x ___ = 6     ___ x 2 = 6


Rainbow Windows:  Multiplication Facts 2-9

  • A set of Rainbow Windows includes 90 individual, self-checking, sequential, non-consumable, color-coded practice cards.  Each card contains 20 multiplication facts specific to one given table or combination of tables.  Multiple cards can be answered on a single answer sheet by simply moving the Window opening to the left, right, up, or down for a clear space to appear. The student/teacher checks by turning the card over on top of the written answers.  The answers are given on the back of the card immediately above the opening.  Each table and each table combination have 6 colored cards specific to it.  For example, the 2’s table will have 6 red cards with 20 problems each for a total of 120 different facts.  A student record sheet is included for ease of recording completion, number correct, or grade for each card.

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